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photocause for Cancer Awareness & Prevention. A non profit project - Since 2011

Seeing god’s creations over and over is a gift of god to show his greatness

Cancer Awareness



photocause is a non-profit project launched by two very young armature photographers in 2011, with parental guidance and management. The key objective is to sell photographs taken by them and collect funds for the Sri Lanka Cancer Society. The two enthusiastic and now qualified photographers are two sisters, Mary Shanaya and Carmel Nayantara, now aged 14 & 12.

How can you donate

Please browse through the portfolio page and identify the title/s you like.

Then call us on
077 2272348 / 077 4239998
mail - photocause@gmail.com.

A 10" X 15" enlargement is only Rs. 1500/- with delivery.

My Latest Shots

Customer Testimonials

The Duchess of Cambridge has aksed me to thank you for your lovely letter of 1st March and for the beautiful photographs that your sent to her.
It was so kind of your to take the trouble to write as you did to Her Royal Highness, bringing your wonderful work in aid of the Sri Lankan Cancer Society to her attention. As a small thank you for writing, I am to send you the enclosed photograph, which I do hope you will like.
The Duchess of Cambridge has asked me to send you her warmest thanks for writing and her very best wishes.
The Office of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Henry of Wales
It is with great pleasure I inform you that the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cancer Society, has decided to award both of you The Sri Lanka Cancer Society Certificate of Appreciation in deep appreciation of the services rendered by you towards the Cause of Cancer Control in Sri Lanka.
The presentation of the Award, will takes place at the Annual General Meeting of the society, to be held on Friday, March 02, 2012 at 5.00 p.m. at the the above address. You are cordially invited to be present to receive the Award.
Prof K. I. Deen, Professor of Surgery, University of Kelaniya Medical School, will grace this occasion as the Chief Guest and distribute the Award.
Sri Lanka Cancer Society
To Help Cure…………to relieve often……….to comfort always!